iTouch is the latest Company Affiliate member to have joined IHEEM, the Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management. According to IHEEM’s website, the organisation is an independent professional engineering institute, providing guidance and development opportunities for engineers and estate managers in the healthcare sector.


IHEEM organises regional events in the sector and brings together companies and organisations with an interest in engineering within the healthcare sector. A longstanding organisation, IHEEM was founded in 1943 to bring together engineers who work in hospitals, to share knowledge and transfer expertise around the regions.  IHEEM also has an online knowledge hub, and it publishes job postings and case studies from within the sector.


John Nesbitt, Sales Director at iTouch Smart Tech, said:

“This IHEEM membership is important as iTouch is supporting the NHS, and hospital Trusts have access to new innovations through this institute from IOT to carbon footprint reduction.

“Also iTouch has the joined IHEEM to spread the word about energy efficiency. We’re proud that our technology is currently assisting the NHS to achieve this.”

iTouch’s membership certificate


To view the PDF, click the link below.

Company Affiliate Certificate .IHEEM