We are pleased to announce that our MeterMon product has achieved CE Marking status. CE Marking is for any product traded within the EU.

The marking shows that the product:

  • has been checked to meet EU safety, health or environmental requirements
  • is in compliance with EU legislation
  • is allowed to freely move within the European market

Our MeterMon device is at the heart of our Smart Building solution.

More info on the MeterMon

iTouch Smart Technology’s offering begins with our mesh network. Our LoRaWan-based network extends deep into buildings, with a maximum range of 10km. No energy metre or other IoT device is too far to connect. Once we have our network connected, this forms the basis for all our data analytics offerings.

At the heart of our network is our MeterMon “Gateway Kit,” which is comprised of a LoRaWan gateway, mini-router, and SIM card on the Vodafone network. Every metre in a building can be linked with a Gateway Kit, building the mesh network to layer on top Smart Building solutions. Above, find a picture of the Gateway Kit.

Once installed, the MeterMon delivers real-time data that can be monitored, analysed and viewed in one central location. Our dashboard is a simple, visual, central data repository. It’s designed to be the go-to place for a Facilities Manager, Asset Manager or Property Manager to check energy usage levels, to ensure there are no faults in their systems, and to ensure that their buildings are compliant with regulation.