Q4 of 2021 was a very exciting time in iTouch’s business calendar. We have been successfully selling our integrated mesh network and energy monitoring systems. Soon, we’ll be able to publicly announce a very significant new customer deal in the
public sector space.

Here are some concrete pieces of evidence about our rapidly scaling operation. Our “Gateway Kit” is comprised of a LoRaWan gateway, mini-router, and SIM card on the Vodafone network. These Gateway Kits attach to our groundbreaking mesh network that forms the basis for all of our Smart Building solutions. Please see below a picture of our MM8 Gateway Kit.

In terms of scaling: at present, around 20 of our MM8 kits are being installed every month. In the next few months this figure will jump to more than 80 per month. In total, iTouch expects to have (at minimum) 4,000 MM8’s installed over the next five

The sky is the limit – and we are glad to be growing so fast!

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