iTouch Smart Technology achieved much forward progress in the past year, working towards its goal of helping governments to reach Net Zero by 2050. iTouch’s patented technology combines smart energy monitoring and intelligent data analytics to reduce energy wastage, thereby reducing carbon emissions. This brings down carbon footprints, and helps to overcome our reliance on fossil fuels.

iTouch’s vision is for a healthy, sustainable future for younger generations. Here are 10 of the milestones we’ve celebrated in the past year:


Launched our new branding and website at


*Won the Award for “Overall Champion” at the Houses of Parliament in October, at the Green Apple Environmental Awards.

Read the story here:


*Selected as Finalists in the Electrical Industry Awards, in the “Industrial Solution” category


*Alongside our partner, Atlas World, we secured a major contact with the Department for the Economy to provide Smart energy monitoring and metering to more than 2,000 public sector properties in Northern Ireland. This deal encompasses hospitals, museums, theatres, councils and office buildings. The technology will catapult NI forwards in its goal to reduce energy wastage by 2030. More here:


*Appointed experienced technologist, Branko Radulovic, as our Head of Software Development. Read more here:


*Selected for the shortlist of the Sustainability Project of the Year Awards at the Digital DNA Awards. Read more here:


*Made further progress with installing our Solarmazing Solar Blinds solution across customer sites. More details will be announced next year. See more about the ground-breaking technology – which harnesses the power of the sun, while keeping rooms cool – here:


*Our Director, Denis Murphy, authored an educational piece entitled “What is ESG? A guide for going Net Zero” in the magazine Sync NI. Find the article here:


*We forged an important innovation partnership with Anaeko, a 70-person strong software engineering firm with a reputation for large-scale data transformation projects. Read more about it here:


We were pleased to announce the addition of a highly experienced executive, John Nesbitt, to fill a Sales Director role. John has extensive expertise in installing technology solutions in large public sector buildings.


“These milestones represent major progress in our mission. Since our founding, in 2018, we’ve been growing at a rapid pace,” said CEO KianPeng Yong. “We are committed to helping governments to meet Net Zero targets through innovative Smart Building solutions.”

iTouch is now installing energy monitoring analytics systems across sites in Northern Ireland. iTouch is working alongside its partner, Atlas World, to install its mesh network, based on LoRaWan technology, with smart energy metering and real-time data analytics. The aim is that, in 2023, the technology will be installed further afield, in mainland UK and elsewhere.

Yong went on: “By understanding energy usage and consumption, we can begin the critical task of reducing inefficiencies.  By showing organisations how to use their resources as effectively as possible, this technology is ultimately working towards the Net Zero agenda.”

iTouch’s technology combines smart energy monitoring and intelligent data analytics to reduce energy wastage.